The state of Indiana has more than its share of basketball legends. Add Herbalife Nutrition-sponsored athlete Blake Wesley to that list.

A native of South Bend, Indiana, Blake grew up playing basketball, football and soccer before a football injury convinced him to narrow his focus to hoops. It would appear he made the right choice. By the end of his high school career, Blake was named to the Indiana High School All-Star Team.

A big part of what makes Blake Wesley such a special player is the support and guidance he’s received from his family throughout his life. Blake’s dad, Derrick Wesley Sr., played college basketball at Ball State University, and is still fourth on the team’s all-time scoring list. Blake’s mom, Leslie, has dedicated her career to public service and is a member of the South Bend School Board. Each of Blake’s siblings played sports in high school including one sister, Taylor, who went on to play basketball at Indiana University in South Bend.

These strong ties to the community are what helped inspire Blake to turn down scholarship offers from more than 20 Division I colleges with elite basketball programs to play for the University of Notre Dame in his beloved hometown.

After a phenomenal Freshman season as a 6’5” shooting guard with the Fighting Irish, Blake declared himself eligible for the professional basketball draft and headed to Impact Basketball to begin an intensive training regimen. “He was already a leader on the court,” recalls Isaac Mourier of Impact. “He’s still developing on the court, but he’s nowhere near his ceiling yet. Blake has the potential to be a superstar.”

Friends describe Blake as a “people person” who loves his family and teammates. As the buzz began building about this local high school hoops phenom, Blake never let the attention go to his head. Instead, he chose to help his mother organize a food drive for local families in need. As his high school coach said at the time, “It’s a blessing to have a kid like that on the team.”

The support that Blake gets from his family has not gone unnoticed at Impact Basketball, where his work ethic and commitment to working every day to improve his game has made quite an impression with the staff and his fellow players.

Blake loves the advanced hydration that Herbalife24® CR7 Drive delivers during practices and games. Since he began training at Impact, he has been starting each workout with Herbalife24® Prepare and finishing with Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength. Herbalife24 ACHIEVE bars are a favorite snack during the long training days.

The combination of sports science and outstanding Herbalife Nutrition® products available to him at Impact are supporting Blake as he becomes one of the top names to watch for at this year’s draft.

It’s a safe bet that a whole lot of people in South Bend will be watching, too.


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